We experience brands every day of our lives, whether we’re paying attention or not.  And every so often a brand really leaves an impression on you (hopefully a good one!) that you won’t quickly forget.  Allow me to share my very first Which Wich® experience with you.  One just opened up in my neighborhood and my husband and I have been curious to check it out ever since we saw the sign go up in bright and happy yellow, setting high expectations with its, “Superior Sandwiches” right in the name.

I knew I NEEDED to write about my experience when I COULD NOT stop talking about it to my husband after we got home.  I realize I may come across as a bit of a “foodie,” but don’t be deceived.  If anything, I am a “brandie” (coined it!) and really like exploring my experiences with brands to help make the world of marketing a little more fun and accessible.

So what is it that this brand does so well that the rest of us can learn from?!

  • EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.  With a name like Which Wich® Superior Sandwiches, I had two very clear expectations going in:  1.) That I was going to have many choices and 2.) That it was going to be a very tasty sandwich.  The brand delivered what it promised and then some.  Yes, I had tons of choices of sandwiches, but it was made so easy for me to make my selection based on their 10 Bag choices (I’ll come back to the process in a bit); and yes, my sandwich was absolutely delicious.  At a minimum, a brand should deliver on the expectation it sets for its customers.  This particular brand totally knocked it out of the park!  What expectations do you want your customers to have of you and your business?  Do you communicate them clearly and deliver as promised?
  • WELCOMING INTRODUCTION.  As soon as I walked through the front door, a woman at the counter welcomed me and asked if this was my first time visiting them.  After admitting my Which Wich® inexperience, she came out from behind the counter and explained their menu and the process to order my perfect sandwich.  She could not have been nicer and I was ever so grateful for the brief orientation so I could experience the brand the way they intended me to.  First impressions are everything and really shape the perception customers will have of you and your business.
  • DIFFERENT THAN OTHERS.  This sandwich shop nails it when it comes to showing how they are different than all the other sandwich shops. I had FUN ordering my sandwich.  Who has fun ordering a sandwich?!?  There are 10 brown bag menus you can choose from, labeled 1-10.  Each bag is labeled with the primary sandwich type.  As an example: Bag 1 is Turkey, Bag 2 is Ham, Bag 3 is Beef… you get it.  You select your bag and then you select your menu choices on the bag itself with a red marker. Each bag has a selection of options to choose from!  Whatever it is that you believe makes you and your business different than your competition, make sure it matters to your customers.
  • ENGAGED ME IN THE PROCESS.  From the very beginning, I was invited into the sandwich ordering process in a new and different way than I was accustomed to.  I picked my bag, made my selections with a red marker, turned in my brown bag with my choices on it, and then got my sandwich in that same bag I had used to order with.  In a world where tapping on keyboards and tablets is the new normal, I was pleased to use a pen and paper.  It felt both nostalgic and new all a the same time.  As silly as this may sound, this process that Which Wich® has for ordering sandwiches made me fully present in that moment. Sensory engagement is so memorable.  Be thinking of creative ways to engage your audience and customers so that they both enjoy and remember your brand.

I have ordered many sandwiches in my life, but there is only one that I can remember.  Now that’s powerful branding.