The day is long, but the years are short.

Confronted by choice, after choice, after choice

Knowing which one will lead me to where

Is uncertain at best, filled with despair.


The sun hangs in the sky, same way every time.

It is what it is, no riddles or rhymes.

But life is so splendid, complex without script

The freedom I know is both sealed and unzipped.


If only I knew the way and the why

I know I could conquer; I know I would try.

So while the birds go about in their way

I listen and wait, what will my heart say?


Flying with songs on their beaks and their wings

I’m reminded that life is filled by such things.

None less significant than this one or that

It’s the whole of the picture He spoke where He sat.


“I am, as I was, and ever will be”

This He has promised, this I believe.

And He is with me always and now

To help guide my way, to help me with how.


The lie in my heart pained by choice after choice,

It’s cursed, it distorts – it competes with His voice.

Away from the darkness and into the Light

I see much more clearly my suffering was trite.


And now I go forth healed from inside

Robed in His goodness, evil defied.

I lift up my choices, I give them to You

That I may become the me that is true.



“I am, as I was, and ever will be.”

This He has promised, and this I believe.



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