Companies that really know their audience are able to craft content that speaks to the heart of what they care about most. Putting the client first means delivering value to them at all stages of their engagement with you, not just after a transaction occurs.

Content Optimization

It’s not enough to think you know who your ideal clients are.


Content Marketing Focuses on Your Audience

We go through an in-depth 4-hour audience discovery process with each of our clients. This ensures that you and we are all very clear on who your ideal client is. All too often, firms cast too wide of a net for fear of excluding a portion of the market that could be a possible customer. The problem with trying to appeal to everyone that could become a client is that your content winds up being too general and doesn’t really speak to anyone at all.

It Turns Messaging into Communication

Think about it this way, if you are writing a letter to your mother you will take on a different tone than if you are writing to a business associate. You will also share different information with a close family relative than you would with someone you know from work. Yet, when firm’s create content to appeal to the masses, what they wind up with is a watered down version of a message that isn’t really targeted to anyone at all. And when content isn’t appropriately targeted, you miss the very audience you hoped to reach.

And Provides the Solid Foundation for Truly Targeted Marketing

This is why we dive deep into who your customers are and identify all your target audiences – what challenges they face, what their day looks like, where they go for information, what they value most, and how your service solves their problem. We don’t always take your word for it either and often like to hear from your clients themselves through simple interactive surveys or interviews. From here, we build out complete buyer personas that informs your content strategy and the very content that will be created for them.

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